My-SSD1306 allows you to connect any device equipped with RS232 to the I2C SSD1306 displays.

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my ssd1306

The OLED displays managed by the SSD1306 chip are widespread. They are small and versatile, they can be placed in any part of our hardware project to give a feedback to the user by displaying information of all kinds ...

ouch! Maybe it's not that easy: we need the libraries to make it work, and an adequate computing capacity ... in other words we need an Arduino board, or a Raspberry. Or maybe not..


We have designed my-ssd1306 to allow to use the display on all devices equipped with an RS232 serial port. Thanks to an easy-to-install card, simply connect the power supply, the two TX and RX channels, to see the string sent displayed.


No drivers or libraries are needed, with my-ssd1306 the display turns into an RS232 console that displays everything it receives, moreover thanks to simple commands you have the possibility to choose the font, the orientation, and invert the color.

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Obviously it's not all. We wanted to exploit the capabilities of a graphic display while providing an easy-to-manage interface. We therefore thought that HTML was the best choice: my-ssd1306 accepts HTML TAG allowing to display complex pages by receiving web pages.



my-ssd1306 will be available soon but we need your support, NOW on Kickstarter! And .. Yes. Will be open source.